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Our Story

RAN Sports™ was founded in 2018 by Robbe Langeraert in an attempt to help unique, passionate and adventurous individuals share their stories with the world! Because we believe that positivity and passion are the only infectious conditions worth spreading.

RAN was created in 2018 when a young, passionate motorcyclist/student wanted to create a mount for his GoPro® that actually fitted his helmet, without compromising on strength, usability and look.

So this boy, who had the luck to be surrounded by a bunch of amazing and smart people, started designing and creating all sorts of mounting solutions. Some worked great and some failed even greater, but after many hours and many crashed GoPros (R.I.P.), he managed to create a mount that exceeded his expectations.

His mount was able to adapt to its surface, while also allowing the user to adapt the mounting position of the camera. But designing and building a magnificent, working prototype is only half of the work. So he started on building a brand, finding suppliers, trying to understand all the paperwork and much more. But after six months, and with the help of his phenomenal team, friends, and family, he managed to fulfill his lifelong goal of actually achieving something in life. Ow, by the way, all mounts are designed, produced and assembled in Belgium with a focus on sustainability and love.

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