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How should I apply the RAN Mount?

Applying a RAN mount isn’t that hard, but for the full how-to we recommend you go read the full article here.

Is the RAN mount waterproof?

The mount is made out of plastics and nylon for maximum toughness, minimal weight and is completely waterproof. The bolts and nuts are also coated in a special, black coating for optimal durability. Finally, for the adhesion, we use special 3M™ Double sided foam tape. This 3M™ quality tape provides shear strength, surface adhesion, and temperature resistance. Once completely bonded it creates a permanent seal against water, moisture, and dust through its excellent gap filling capabilities.

All this means that the mount holds up pretty well in wet environments, but we still recommend users to check your mount before going out.

What is the average delivery time?

The average delivery time depends on your location.
For Europe: 2-5 days once shipped.
For North-America: 5-10 days once shipped.
For Asia: 10-15 days once shipped.
For Oceania: 10-15 days once shipped.

How long does a restock take?

Thanks to excellent relations with our partners and suppliers, we are able to restock within two weeks.

What if the RAN mount doesn't fit?

If the mount does not fit, or you are not 100% satisfied with the way it looks or feels, you can send it back within 60 days after the arrival date.

What are the differences between the different categories?

The main difference between the different categories is the type of tape used for adhesion.

Motor-sport and air-sport editions utilize tape that has specifically been designed to withstand high forces and high wind speeds. The water-sport version uses a tape that is extra water resistant, and the winter edition uses a tape that has been developed to work in lower temperatures.

Will my action camera fit with the RAN mount?

We designed the mount to fit action cameras that use the GoPro® mounting system, so most cameras should work with our mount. We are also looking to create a mount specifically for the Sony® action cameras, so stay patient for that.

What are the dimensions of the RAN mount?

The dimensions of the base are roughly 13 cm x 5 cm (5 inch x 2 inch). You can find a detailed drawing here.

Can I remove the RAN mount if I want to?

Yes. The double-sided tape is not permanent, so the mount can always be removed. We do advise to do this with high precision and take care to make sure you don’t damage the surface or mount.

If you do remove the mount, you won’t be able to reuse the tape. You can always apply new tape, or use superglue or another adhesive to reattach your mount.

What if the RAN mount comes loose?

The double-sided tape is not permanent, so the mount can always come loose. When this happens we advise that you carefully remove the whole mount and apply new tape, or use superglue or another adhesive to reattach your mount.

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